T&M 05: Christopher West

Episode 05: Christopher West 

Christopher West is a speaker, author and theologian on a topic called the "Theology of The Body". For Mike, he is more than just an educator, he is a dear friend. This conversation dives…


T&M 04: Kristian Bush

Episode 04: Kristian Bush 

At the time of this interview, summer of 2015, Kristian Bush was the most popular guest I have had on my podcast. He had come out of the Atlanta music scene when it was…


T&M 03: Brian Anderson

Episode 03: Brian Anderson

One could think finding the mystery in sportscasting would be a challenge... Not for Mike and his pal Brian Anderson. Whether Brian is calling a game for the NFL, NCAA or Milwaukee Brewers, artistic instinct…


T&M 02: Ben Sollee

Episode 02: Ben Sollee

I met Ben when we were both starting out as young traveling songwriters. At the time, Ben was playing cello as part of The Sparrow Quartet alongside Bela Fleck and finishing his debut record. I…


T&M 01: Greg Brown

Episode 01: Greg Brown

Everything starts somewhere, here is where this journey begins. While traveling through Iowa City I had an opportunity to sit with Grammy nominated folk legend Greg Brown. I had met Greg one other time previously…