T&M 24: D.A Wallach

T&M D.A Wallach - Musician/Investor

To describe D.A Wallach in one word is impossible.  One sentence? Near impossible.  In one podcast?  You be the judge.  While attending Harvard University, D.A’s newly formed band, Chester French, made a bold decision … to stop playing shows.  Instead, they got jobs at the university’s studio, learned the trade and made a record.  This decision lead to a bidding war between Kanye West & Pharrell Williams, touring the world, a 2nd record, a cameo in the movie La La Land and his current passion, investing in the sciences.  Above all of these accomplishments, what impressed Mike the most was how incredibly kind and enjoyable D.A is to be with.  So, pull up the chair, put your thinking caps on and plug into this episode of Time & The Mystery: Conversations with D.A Wallach.

Track List:
1. C'mon - Chester French
2. Not Over You - Chester French
3. Every Time You Walk Away - D.A Wallach
4. Interesting Times (Acoustic) - Chester French
5. Black Girls - Chester French