T&M 28: Sam Witwer (Part 2)


T&M 27: Sam Witwer (Part 2) - Actor/Musician/Voice Wizard

Before the role of Aidan Waite on the show Being Human, Doomsday on Smallville or the countless voice acting roles for the Star Wars franchise …  Sam Witwer was a roleplaying, sci-fi loving, bass slapping, trench coat wearing punk from the northern suburbs of Chicago… known to his peers as Stew.  How do we know this?  Because Mike and Stew were neighbors.  Join them as they discuss the bands, shows, car rides, influences and drama they have shared together as well their current work and the purpose behind it in this episode of Time & The Mystery: Conversations with Sam Witwer.

Track Listing:

1. Alone - The Crashtones

2. Black Dress - The Crashtones

3. Dexter Scene