T&M 04: Kristian Bush

Episode 04: Kristian Bush 

At the time of this interview, summer of 2015, Kristian Bush was the most popular guest I have had on my podcast. He had come out of the Atlanta music scene when it was on fire, launching acts like REM, Indigo Girls, Black Crows, Shawn Mullins, John Mayer and his band, Billy Pilgrim. Billy Pilgrim had some success touring the world, even appearing in one of the first episodes of VH1 storytellers. Next for him was the creation of pop/country mega group Sugarland, who in their lifespan, moved over 14 million records – and this was during the age of the digital takeover – that is a lot, my friend. When I met with him he was touring his new project, a debut solo record entitled, Southern Gravity. The only thing that surprised me more than his kindness and generosity was his immense optimism. 

I would consider myself an optimist … well … maybe a scarred, moderate optimist with relapse tendencies and a short-term memory. Either way I’d say I am above average, otherwise I would not still be in this business. Kristian Bush is an optimist and one who has a lot to show for it. I am sure he has had his beat-ups and regrets. But he keeps moving. I know he is a relentless hard worker. But optimism is only realized through those who push through its antithesis. He certainly has, and it has paid off … big time! In his own words, “thoughts become things, be careful which ones you choose.” Think about that the next time it rains on your wedding day, Alanis! 

Track Listing:
1. Stuck Like Glue (Sugarland)
2. Try (Billy Pilgrim)
3. Southern Gravity
4. Trailer Hitch
5. Walk Tall

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