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We share a common desire to communicate and be connected with others.  Mike Mangione is a musician and singer-songwriter who has devoted his life to achieve this connection with others through his craft.  Now, Mike wants to hear others tell their story as he sits with public figures to discuss their careers, inspirations, success and failures in reaching others through their work.   Join Mike as he connects the temporal to the stars, the time to the mystery, the Time and The Mystery.

T&M 09: Sean Daley  

T&M 09: Sean Daley - Slug 

What do you do when you want to be a hip-hop star and you live in Minneapolis? You build your own sandbox and make the players come to you. This is what Sean Daley, better known as Slug of the hip-hop group Atmosphere, did … and what a sandbox he has built! Twenty-one years later his label is stronger than ever, he is a major headlining act, and on the dawn of his 10th studio release. Few can say they are at the top of their game 20 years in … but Sean wasn’t thrown to the peak of the success summit; he built that hill on his own and walked every step with the same determination as the step before it. Now, as a proud father, husband, and a wise sage, he is here to give you something more than listening music for the revolution, he comes to give you a “realistic hope” — one that is not ignorant of the dirt and mess of everyday life, but rather fully alive in it and elevated through it. He wants to point you to what he calls, “the purple lining,” where you can fully be and thrive … The purple lining … a place where reality and dreams collide and where fullest potential is realized. A place that casts a cooling shadow over the sandbox that he has built, summoning his eyes above himself and drawing his hill higher and higher to the heavens. Join me as we bask in that mystery that is Slug. 

Track List:
1. Scapegoat
2. Guarantees
3. My Lady Got Two Men
4. Let Me Know That You Know What You Want Now

T&M 08: Alex Ebert 

Episode 08: Alex Ebert 

When Alex Ebert fronted the LA based group Ima Robot he viewed himself as a “destroyer,” hidden deep from the surface, self destructive and void of emotion. Through reflection and personal excavation he uncovered his root and the flower it fed. Now, with his band, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic zeros, Alex wants to tear down walls and set you free. He still remains a destroyer, but this time of the chains that bind. Join Mike as he digs into the mystery of Alex Ebert. 

Track List:
1. Up From Below
2. I Don't Wanna Pray
3. If I Were Free (Live Album)
4. Man On Fire

T&M 07: Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams  

Episode 07: Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams 

Few people can say they have played with Bob Dylan. Fewer still have played with both Dylan and Levon Helm. Larry Campbell and wife Teresa Williams have not only collaborated with these musical legends, but have done so at the time when both underwent their respective critically acclaimed reemergence. For Levon, this included his first, second and third Grammy awards. This is by no fluke. The aptly named “first couple of americana music” bring more than just musicality to their work. They bring heart, soul, wisdom and intentionality. One part church, one part The Beatles, and one part the desire to commune with you. Listen in as Mike searches into the mystery with the ever gifted and authentic Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams. 

Track Listing:
1. Attics Of My Life (Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams)
2. Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning (Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams)
3. When I Go Away (The Levon Helm Band)
4. Gloryland (The Levon Helm Band)

T&M 06: Arian Moayed  

Episode 06: Arian Moayed 

After leaving high school, Arian and Mike set out on separate artistic journeys. Arian’s led him to New York where he co-founded the theater company Waterwell. In 2011, Arian was nominated for a Tony Award for best actor in the production "Bengal Tiger at The Baghdad Zoo" starring alongside Robin Williams. He is currently on Broadway in the hit play "The Humans", recently winning the Tony Award for best play. If that wasn’t enough … Arian landed his first major film role alongside Bill Murray, Bruce Willis and Kate Hudson in "Rock The Kasbah", released late 2015. Listen in as he and Mike about talk everything from their high school days to the artistic process to working with the greats. 

Track Listing
1-2 Arian in "Bengal Tiger At The Baghdad Zoo"
3. Robin Williams in "Bengal Tiger At The Baghdad Zoo"
4. Baggio's Well, Mike Mangione

T&M 05: Christopher West 

Episode 05: Christopher West 

Christopher West is a speaker, author and theologian on a topic called the "Theology of The Body". For Mike, he is more than just an educator, he is a dear friend. This conversation dives deep into the fascinating life and passion of one of today's most successful Catholic speakers and is fueled by the joy these two have for each other. 

Track Listing:
1. Taken From "Our Bodies Proclaim The Gospel" CD 1
2. Promised Land, Mike Mangione (Unreleased Album)
3. Taken From "Our Bodies Proclaim The Gospel" CD 1
4. Better Gone Today, Mike Mangione (Unreleased Album)

T&M 04: Kristian Bush 

Episode 04: Kristian Bush 

At the time of this interview, summer of 2015, Kristian Bush was the most popular guest I have had on my podcast. He had come out of the Atlanta music scene when it was on fire, launching acts like REM, Indigo Girls, Black Crows, Shawn Mullins, John Mayer and his band, Billy Pilgrim. Billy Pilgrim had some success touring the world, even appearing in one of the first episodes of VH1 storytellers. Next for him was the creation of pop/country mega group Sugarland, who in their lifespan, moved over 14 million records – and this was during the age of the digital takeover – that is a lot, my friend. When I met with him he was touring his new project, a debut solo record entitled, Southern Gravity. The only thing that surprised me more than his kindness and generosity was his immense optimism. 

I would consider myself an optimist … well … maybe a scarred, moderate optimist with relapse tendencies and a short-term memory. Either way I’d say I am above average, otherwise I would not still be in this business. Kristian Bush is an optimist and one who has a lot to show for it. I am sure he has had his beat-ups and regrets. But he keeps moving. I know he is a relentless hard worker. But optimism is only realized through those who push through its antithesis. He certainly has, and it has paid off … big time! In his own words, “thoughts become things, be careful which ones you choose.” Think about that the next time it rains on your wedding day, Alanis! 

Track Listing:
1. Stuck Like Glue (Sugarland)
2. Try (Billy Pilgrim)
3. Southern Gravity
4. Trailer Hitch
5. Walk Tall

T&M 03: Brian Anderson 

Episode 03: Brian Anderson

One could think finding the mystery in sportscasting would be a challenge... Not for Mike and his pal Brian Anderson. Whether Brian is calling a game for the NFL, NCAA or Milwaukee Brewers, artistic instinct is necessary to tell the story for his viewers. Join Mike and Brian at Miller Park as they discuss how backstory, statistics and silence fuse together to bring the audience into the narrative of the game.

T&M 02: Ben Sollee 

Episode 02: Ben Sollee

I met Ben when we were both starting out as young traveling songwriters. At the time, Ben was playing cello as part of The Sparrow Quartet alongside Bela Fleck and finishing his debut record. I was living in a van... While touring through Tennessee and Kentucky in the summer of 2015, I made a stop to visit my old friend and catch up. Now husbands, fathers and veteran songwriters, Ben and I discuss the victories, pangs and ambitions of the creative lifestyle. 

Track Listing:
1. A Change Is Gonna To Come
2. Electrified
3. Letting Go
4. How To See The Sun rise

T&M 01: Greg Brown  

Episode 01: Greg Brown

Everything starts somewhere, here is where this journey begins. While traveling through Iowa City I had an opportunity to sit with Grammy nominated folk legend Greg Brown. I had met Greg one other time previously but never really had any significant in-depth conversation. We had a mutual friend, Bo Ramsey, who plays guitar and produces for Greg and produced our last album, Red-Winged Blackbird Man. On this trip I set out just to get some interviews, no shows of my own and ended up getting 4 fantastic conversations in one day... Greg was my third of the day and I was feeling pretty deep in the flow at this point. I was surprised to hear Greg was ready to go himself and we got pretty deep in it right away touching on faith, the songwriters journey and the potential of music to go beyond the ears. Greg is legend, a songwriter monster, a king in my book. He has been covered by Willie Nelson Ani Difranco, Gillian Welch, Shawn Colvin and Joan Baez just to name a few... I was honored to be in his home and have his attention and excited to share our time with you. Time & The Mystery: Conversations with Greg Brown 

Track Listing
1. Where Are You Going When You’re Gone
2. Poor Back Slider
3. Jesus & Elvis
4. Spring Wind
5. Daughters